EKORA® Modules in Focus: Stock Manager
Feb 15, 2024
The EKORA® Stock Manager module emerges as a game-changer, addressing the challenges faced by hospitals in tracking and maintaining their inventory.
EKORA Stock Manager

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Revolutionising Hospital Stock Management with the EKORA® Stock Manager module.

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, managing hospital stock efficiently is a critical aspect of ensuring quality patient care whilst also keeping a tight control on budgets. The EKORA® Stock Manager module emerges as a game-changer, addressing the challenges faced by hospitals in tracking and maintaining their inventory. This innovative solution not only simplifies the stock management process but also reduces errors and supports important patient safety initiatives such as the UK-wide NHS Scan4Safety campaign.

Solving a Critical Problem:

Hospitals often grapple with outdated, paper-based stock management systems that lead to inefficiencies and potential risks. The EKORA® Stock Manager module was conceptualised with a singular purpose – to provide departments with a streamlined and effective method to monitor their stock. The module serves as a comprehensive solution, offering a real-time view of available stock, crucial for maintaining the integrity of medical supplies, particularly those with varying shelf lives.

Colour-Coded Visibility:

One standout feature of EKORA® is its color-coded stock representation based on shelf life. This intelligent system provides hospitals with an early warning when stock is approaching its expiry date. This feature is especially crucial when dealing with specialised medical equipment and devices, where shelf lives can range from six months to two years. With EKORA®, departments can easily keep track of these critical timelines, ensuring no resources go to waste and patient safety is prioritised.

EKORA stock manager

Effortless Data Input:

Adding stock to the EKORA® Stock Manager Module is a breeze, thanks to support for both wired and wireless barcode scanners. These scanners read essential information directly from the barcodes on medical devices, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Manufacturer name, model, connector details, batch information, serial numbers, and expiry dates are automatically populated, ensuring a seamless and error-free process. This automation not only saves time but also minimises the risk of human error.

Comprehensive Information Management:

EKORA® goes beyond the basics by allowing additional information input, such as cost, consignment details, purchase order numbers, and storage locations. Departments can also reserve stock for specific patients, preventing critical items from being allocated elsewhere. The ability to filter information by device, manufacturer, location, or status further enhances the module’s versatility and usability.

Integration with Patient Records:

One of the standout features of EKORA® is its integration with patient records. When a medical device or lead is implanted, clinicians can effortlessly scan the stock, automatically pulling information stored in EKORA® into the patient’s record. This process not only saves time during implantation but also reduces the risk of errors, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information is available when needed.

Supporting Patient Safety Initiatives:

The EKORA® Stock Manager module aligns seamlessly with the UK-wide NHS Scan4Safety campaign. This campaign emphasises the importance of recording GS1 barcodes for anything implanted in a patient. EKORA® facilitates the sharing of this information at the click of a button, contributing to the overarching goal of enhancing patient safety and data accuracy.

The EKORA® Stock Manager Module is a comprehensive solution for hospitals seeking to revolutionise their stock management processes. From color-coded visibility and barcode integration to seamless patient record integration, this innovative module brings efficiency, accuracy, and compliance to any department. With EKORA®, departments can elevate their stock management practices, ensuring that resources are optimised, risks are minimised, and patient safety remains paramount.